StarCraft 2

Does Blizzard  hate us?

I am finally logged in to the game and able to play as of late last night (16 days after purchasing it).

My theory is that there is some poor guy sitting in a server room somewhere, manually updating the problem database records one by one, and all the rest of the stuff they have us do is just to buy him time.

Here’s my experience, although it probably won’t help anyone.

1. I bought the collector’s edition preorder, got it on launch day, yay!

2. Opened it, loved the smell of the new game, flipped through the art book while installing, etc. EXCITED! YAY!

3. Couldn’t log in. Crud.

4. I found this thread on the forums. Tried resetting my password and changing my email, over a couple days. Didn’t work.

5. Emailed support. They got back to me a couple days later telling me to change my password again. I did. Didn’t work.

6. I created a new account with a different email address so I could at least use a trial key.

7. Emailed support back. After a day they got back to me and said to contact billing by phone or email. I opted for email.

8. Emailed billing and they got back to me the next day; said it must be done over the phone.

9. Phoned billing. After waiting on hold for about 50 minutes (expected wait time was 45 so not far off), I went through another password reset, and when that didn’t work, he moved my game to my other new account. Still didn’t work, so we reset the password and waited. Still didn’t work. The rep gave me his personal email address and told me to download the game client and reinstall it and try again.

10. Uninstalled, downloaded, reinstalled. Still didn’t work. Emailed rep.

11. Next day he got back to me saying to reset my password and wait 1/2 an hour then try again, assuring me that it work this time. It didn’t. Emailed him back.

12. Waited 2 days. During this time I reset my password once or twice a day, waiting hours until trying to log in. Didn’t work.

13. The rep got back to me and told me it was for sure fixed now but I had to uninstall, wipe any traces of SC2 off my system, then download from and install again. BEFORE doing any of that time consuming process, I thought I would try logging in one more time. IT FREAKING WORKED.

That is why I think the reps are just running us around. They likely have no clue what is going on behind the scenes. They are just buying time for someone else to fix accounts. It sure would be nice if Blizzard told us what was ACTUALLY going on instead of just jerking us around (this problem affects at least hundreds of people) for a while until they finally randomly get us all fixed up.

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